Article – Anita Harris

Resistant to calling herself an artist up until recently, Anita Harris has been an active artist since her youth, and sports an extensive resume in the arts with an A-level Art Diploma from St.Augustine’s RC/CofE Upper School in Oxford (1990), […]

Article – Emma McCaul

Emma McCaul has been an active member of Calgary’s art scene since 2008 when she opened ART SPOT, a gallery in the main floor of her house. Her gallery gave emerging and alternative style artists a platform to showcase their […]

Article – Erin Freed

Erin Freed is Motion Gallery’s only resident ceramist. Since she joined the gallery in August 2015, she has displayed ceramic cups, plates, bowls and vases, but the thing that makes her art stand out from the rest are her ceramic […]

Article – Brenda Banda Johnson

Brenda Banda Johnson is a long stand artist at Motion Gallery, recognized for her impressionist impasto palette knife paintings. Her pieces are textured and tactile, without a great deal of intentional detail. “It surprises me sometimes how detailed some of […]

Article – Holly Burghardt

Holly Burghardt is a very prolific painter who normally paints on large canvases. You might recognize her palette knife birch trees giving the perspective of looking up at the sky, as well as her vast poppie fields, and even her […]

Article – Elle Deacon

  Elle Deacon is a long standing resident artist at Motion Gallery, exhibiting her art as far back as March 2012. In this time we have seen her work in oil, watercolour and acrylic paints. Her style of painting has […]

Article – Renee Laferriere

  Renee Laferriere first began exhibiting her art at Motion Gallery in 2013. Her first paintings were mostly based on geometric shapes, and random topics. At that time she had just begun adding texture to her artworks and was exploring […]

Article – Megan McCracken

  If you’ve been into Motion Gallery at all over the past five and a half years then you will no doubt have seen Megan McCracken’s ghostly but also dream-like paintings hanging on our walls. She continues surprising us with images exploring […]

Article – Alistair Wright

  Alistair Wright is a long standing artist at Motion Gallery. He has exhibited three distinctive styles in his art, but his most recognizable and successful subjects have been cows. Perhaps that’s because this is Calgary, or because these Stampede […]

Article – Mark Kost

If you’ve been to Motion Gallery at all you will have noticed the cigar box guitars plugged into the amp, confettied guitar picks ready for anyone to pluck at. These incredible instruments are the handwork of Mark Kost, an Aircraft […]

Article – Joseph Ross

If you wanted to know where Joseph Ross’ ‘head is at’, then just take a look at his current collection of artworks at Motion Gallery. Joseph has a collection of larger layered poured acrylic paintings he is truly proud of, […]

Article – Shelley Bachman

Shelley Bachman is an artist that has been showcasing her art at Motion Gallery since the beginning of the gallery, in fact, she is just one month out of being with us since day one. In the five and a […]

Article – Rick Rosario

If you’ve been into Motion Gallery in the last three years, you will have seen large portraits by Rick Rosario hanging on our walls, and you may most likely have read some of the articles he has written for the […]

Article – Rob Dodds

As many of you know, Rob Dodds is a sculptural artist and the founder of Motion Gallery. What you probably don’t know is that he is also the co-founder of an arts fabrication group called Studio Cartel, and is also […]

Article – Camille Betts

As a child, Camille Betts was always encouraged to keep her sense of play and experimentation open and alive. She started with ceramics at the Smeltzer House in Sherwood Park, and really started her art exploration in high school in […]

March Artist – Jennifer Vollmer

  Jennifer Vollmer is our newest artist for the month of March. She brings us a dreamy and dramatic collection of abstract artworks which are a combination of poured and painted pieces, revealing that she does not use one without […]

March Artist – Sherry Drew

  This month, for the first time ever, we feature a fiber artist who has quilted a storyboard based on certain dramatic events from JRR Tolkein’s book, ‘The Hobbit’. Sherry Drew is the artist of this fantastic quilt. Her art […]

March Artist – Gonzalo Figueroa

  Gonzalo Figueroa left South America with his family at the tender age of seven. The Chilean born painter reveals his roots in his paintings with his use of vibrant colours and design. “This world of mine is a constant […]

Photographer – Jennifer Brazil

  Inspired by nature, Jennifer Brazil’s ‘Subtle Tongue’ is a collection of images gathered over the past year. These comprise of some of her favoured flowers and will be on display at Motion Gallery during February, in conjunction with this […]

Photographer – David Wilder

Born in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, David Maurice Dale Wilder came from humble beginnings. His most affluent influence as a creative was his artistic Grandmother. She was always creating, painting, crafting, and encouraged David to explore his creativity. […]

Photographer – Sara Grawbarger Kuefler

This year Sara Grawbarger Kuefler exhibits two new pieces from her ‘Ghost Project’ as well as images from her ‘Nature and History’ series, in her third consecutive year of participation in the Exposure Photography Festival.     She has enjoyed […]

Photographer – Aran Wilkinson Blanc

Photography is just one of many mediums Aran Wilkinson-Blanc uses to express himself. This form of documenting people and places, especially Calgary, which is continually undergoing changes allows him to record the smaller moments and bits of space which vanish […]

Photographer – Troy Johnstone

Growing up on the Atlantic coast in New Brunswick, Troy Johnstone fell in love with the places where land and ocean meet. Enjoying rural life and being out in nature, seeing how light and weather change a scene, these are […]

January Opening Reception

Join us for our 1st Opening Reception of the year, and take the opportunity to come see the incredibly amazing artworks we have on display from January 4 – 29. Our new artists will be in attendance during the evening […]

January Artist – Masoud Hibayan

  Not many artists can say that their earnings come from art related income. For Masoud Habibyan, art is his career. He has dedicated his entire life to a multitude of arts, through a wide range of artistic fields. Recently, […]

January Artist – Dominika Warchol

  This month you will see two very distinctive styles in Dominika Warchol Hann’s exhibit at Motion Gallery. On one hand, you will find paintings of mechanical anatomy, with skulls and ribs, and on the other hand, renditions of curvy […]

January Artist – Sachie Ogawa

  Born and raised in a small town in Tochigi, Japan, Sachie Ogawa spent most of her life capturing life with a pencil. She tells us, “When I was four or five, I didn’t decide to make art. It was […]

January Artist – Anna Forseth

  Raised by an Artist, Anna Forseth’s mother immersed Anna with creative projects that challenged her in many different ways. This enabled her to explore the diverse approaches of expression. She tells us, “As a child I used to paint […]