Artists Love Getting Paid

There’s the notion of the ‘staving artist’, someone living on bare basics, struggling to pay their bills with an addiction to create art, but an artist is a professional who just so happens to have chosen to hone in on their creative skills, and become good at it. With years dedicated to studying (even those who haven’t studied), artists have chosen to make the world more beautiful without much profit for themselves.

Most artists I know work another job to be able to pay for their hobby, and I don’t know an artist that is not interested in making money from their art. Paying an artist for their art shows appreciation and encourages artists to keep creating, constantly improving their skills so when I keep hearing of artists being asked to donate artworks I wonder if society is just oblivious to the efforts artists make, and the cost of art supplies and materials.

I want to point out that asking artists to donate for exposure doesn’t buy more art supplies and just because and artist enjoys creating art, if you don’t show monetary appreciation eventually you won’t be getting more art because that pool will run dry. Let’s not let artists starve, financially and inspirationally.

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