Reception with Char

We end the month with a casual Reception, where you can meet our lovely artist Char Vanderhorst, and get a chance to view her collections of works before her show is over. The Reception will be held: Date: Friday, 28 […]

October Opening Reception

Our monthly Opening Reception is not to be missed. We throw a party every 2nd Saturday of the month when the gallery’s completely set up with a fresh wad of artwork, it’s also the perfect time for you to meet […]

ArtWalk Festival Schedule

ArtWalk Festival 2016 The Artwalk Festival is a free family friendly event with so much on offer, and 2016 marks its’ 32nd year running!  The festival is spread across our city, with galleries offering talks and demos in their venues. Guests participating […]

September Opening Reception

Do you know we host monthly events? After finding out as much as we can about each of our new artists, we want to introduce you to them and show you how wonderful they really are. And once we’re all settled after installing the […]

August Opening Receptions

There is not one,  but two Receptions this month! We normally host an Opening Reception for our new artists every 2nd Saturday of each month, and in keeping with tradition we would like to invite you to join us on: […]

December Opening Reception

  This is our last Opening Reception of the year, this time on the first Saturday of the month. Join us as we introduce four great artists to the gallery, meet Rebecca Light, Milt Fischbein, Maria Loaiza and Jacqueline Anne […]

Opening Reception

It’s time for our next Opening Reception, and this month we are introducing you to four new aritsits. Join us, this is the perfect time to meet Cristine Wells, Jose Antonio, Joshua Alexander and Melanie Figueroa for a night of […]


More Events

When you need an art fix we’d like you to think of us first. There is almost always something new at Motion Gallery. You can look out for more art shows by our artists, we also have art related events […]