Jillaine Jurchuk

Artist Statement It is my belief that beauty, along with the gift of giving is an authentic human want for a happy and healthy life. With that intent in mind, I passionately bring forth pieces that further challenge the opening […]

Sara Grawbarger-Kuefler

Artist Statement Grey Hills Studio was born out of my desire to refocus on film photography. I have always loved film, and was one of the last people I know to obtain a digital camera. I still shoot digital, as […]

Kevin J. Mellis

Artist Statement I began creating photographs as an art form after graduating from the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts Digital Photography Programme in March 2012. I have since shifted my photographic practice from a digital to an analog process using […]

Robert Rondinelli

Artist Statement I see from the inside out: While I capture the moment, I liberate the viewer, offering a glimpse of the overlooked world. Though I work quite deliberately, consciously employing both traditional and modern techniques, my unconscious is my […]

Katy Whitt

Artist Statement Katy Whitt is a Calgary-based photographer specializing in high-fashion and equestrian photography. She attended the Alberta College of Art and Design where she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Design majoring in Photography. This is Katy’s first year participating in […]

Yuli Sato

Artist Statement Themes that I involve in my photography often include memory, escapism, and melancholy. In my earlier work I explored a fictional world of girls and childhood memories through photography and video, striving to capture a moment of uneasiness […]

Brad Williams

Artist Statement Although I use many different media to create art, photography is one of my favourites. As we know, humans have evolved with filters to exclude most of what is going on around them…this is what fascinates me about […]

Gary Duits

Artist Statement For me art is an act of faith, a partnership between the great muse and myself. Most of the time as I work on an image I do not know what the end result will be. I am […]

Kelly Grant

Artist Statement Ever since I can remember I have been fond of photo’s and at a very young age I could often be found playing with an old box camera. A quote by supermodel Iman says it all “you may […]