Article – Rick Rosario

If you’ve been into Motion Gallery in the last three years, you will have seen large portraits by Rick Rosario hanging on our walls, and you may most likely have read some of the articles he has written for the gallery too. It pleases us to introduce Rick to you this month, since he is […]

Article – Rob Dodds

As many of you know, Rob Dodds is a sculptural artist and the founder of Motion Gallery. What you probably don’t know is that he is also the co-founder of an arts fabrication group called Studio Cartel, and is also a part-time welder. Rob doesn’t think of himself as a Chairman of an art gallery […]

Article – Camille Betts

As a child, Camille Betts was always encouraged to keep her sense of play and experimentation open and alive. She started with ceramics at the Smeltzer House in Sherwood Park, and really started her art exploration in high school in a design class with Mr. Swainson.   Camille explored her creativity pursuing an industrial design […]