July Artist – Deepa Mittimani

Deepa is a self taught artist.  She says, “I have learned through experimenting, and lots of trials and errors throughout the process. It’s an exciting journey to resolve the problems, create new solutions and feel blessed about the enlightenment.”



She started her career as a chartered accountant, and has worked in various organizations as a finance manager. She is also a writer as well as a poet, and has published three books. During her sabbatical break, she explored acrylics, which is when the journey began to unfold.  She says some things can be better expressed in colour. It has that subtle effect of suggesting something and the explanation, conclusion or analysis is left to the viewer.



She is originally from Pune, India, and now resides in Calgary. Not only is she is a full time artist, she is also a teacher, and a jewellery designer. She works mainly with acrylics, and when she’s not painting, writing or playing with her polymer clay, she can often be found dancing with her daughters, or singing aloud while cooking or brainstorming with new ideas to combine all the art forms.


Deepa Mittimani - Sculptural Painting
Deepa’s creative endeavours began in her early childhood. She would make greeting cards for her family member’s birthdays and would add a few self written rhymes to capture the character of that person. She was born in a traditional Indian family where art is included in everyday life. The henna designs, rangoli decorations, and Mandala art are part and parcel of the celebrations.



She believes that “Change is the only constant in life.” When she initially started exploring acrylics, she was soon painting landscapes, as still life became boring for her. She says, “I like to challenge myself, breaking barriers, trying to blend something different altogether. I was exploring acrylics and different mediums and around the same time I started exploring jewellery making.” She uses polymer clay to create her beads, and one day, she made some miniature clay paintings to incorporate in the jewellery. This necklace reached the final rounds of jewellery making contest in North America. She eventually combined these two streams to create some unique paintings, which she refers to as “sculptural paintings.” The clay element incorporated in the paintings gives it a pop-up effect.



Deepa loves studying the masters like Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, Tom Thomson, Emily Carr along with several contemporary artists like Chris Cozen, Flora Bowley, and Tesia Blackburn. She admires them for their experiments with various mediums and techniques.


As for the inspiration, she feels it is everywhere. An artist lives two lives simultaneously: One that faces the world, and the other one that is constantly creating. She says, “My world is about colours, textures, words and feelings happening 24 hours a day.”



Written by Rick Rosario

Edited by Renee Laferriere