December Artist – Jacqueline Anne

Born and raised in Bothwell, Ontario Jacqueline Seymour was always a creative soul, often found singing, dancing, or sketching her evenings away as a child. But somewhere between then and growing up she lost sight of the importance of creativity […]

December Artist – Milt Fischbein

  While living in Malaysia and working as a Chemical Engineer back in 1996, a short family holiday to Northern Malaysia and a stroll through the town of Kota Bharu lead Milt Fischbein into a fascinating jewellery shop with an […]

December Artist – Maria Loaiza

  At a very young age, Maria Loaiza began unleashing her creativity in the pages of her family’s home library, which consisted of over 7000 books. When her parents noticed this, they began leaving certain books easily accessible for her […]

December Artist – Rebecca Light

Rebecca Light’s most recent series of works, is a collection of studies on the image of ‘Our Lady of Gaudalupe’. Come see these, and a few older pieces during her month long exhibit at Motion Gallery, December 1 – 30, […]

November Artist – Joshua Alexander

  Expect to see finger painted artworks by our new artist Joshua Alexander this month. After ditched the notion to buy new paintbrushes each time he left them to dry, he realize he could simply paint with his hands, opening up a new concept of […]

November Artist – Melanie Figueroa

  “Urban Vignette” is a series of paintings of our beloved city, Calgary, by a new artist to Motion Gallery this month, Melanie Figueroa. This fun selection of artworks are little glimpses of city life that can be taken for granted, featuring paintings of […]

November Artist – Cristine Wells

The journey of an artist starts with curiosity, which is how Cristine Wells was lead to the book ‘The Artist Within’ by Julia Cameron. The book challenged Wells with creative exercises that helped developed her confidence as an artist. She […]

November Artist – Jose Antonio

Jose Antonio exhibits a collection of painted fashion models, as well as feline cat portraits. He tells us he enjoys drawing and painting animals, especially tigers, jaguars, and sometimes eagles. He also has an inclination to paint portraits of beautiful […]

Reception with Char

We end the month with a casual Reception, where you can meet our lovely artist Char Vanderhorst, and get a chance to view her collections of works before her show is over. The Reception will be held: Date: Friday, 28 […]

October Artist – Shirley Herrington

I was creative as a child. I wasn’t very good in school but I could draw. My always hoped I’d marry well. So I’ve always been interested in the arts. I’m interested in both fine arts as well as crafty […]

October Opening Reception

Our monthly Opening Reception is not to be missed. We throw a party every 2nd Saturday of the month when the gallery’s completely set up with a fresh wad of artwork, it’s also the perfect time for you to meet […]

October Artist – Cerridwen Hicks

  This month, we introduce you to Cerridwen Hicks. She is a self taught artist who studies Post-Impressionism, and abstract styles from artists she is Influenced by, such as the greats – Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso and Carr. Cerridwen finds […]

October Artist – Karen Neufeld

  Having taken random art classes through the years which includes an encaustic painting class recently, Karen Neufeld tells us she is mostly a self taught artist, fluidly drifting back and forth with her styles and mediums. She often paints […]

October Artist – Char Vanderhorst

Mother nature has been a part of Char Vanderhorst’s artistic journey as far back as she can remember. She tells us, “I enjoy painting nature – striving to capture beauty in its purest form. Painting landscapes connects me to the natural sacredness of the […]

September Artist – Jimmy Munkaspeni

Born in Bedford, England, Jimmy Munkaspeni was constantly drawing, creating characters, writing stories and sculpting as a child. He was obsessed with comic books and always had the urge to create. He made his own toys to play with to quench […]

September Artist – Leynes Sabatino

Making art has always been a huge part of Leynes Sabatino’s life. She describes art as a lifestyle choice, like any other activity such as travelling or sports. She has already created over 1400 pieces since she started painting, and primarily enjoys […]

September Artist – Diana Craig

Diana grew up in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.  She was 12 years old when she had her portrait painted in Sauzalito, San Francisco, California – an area synonymous with portrait painters. It was at that moment when the possibility of […]

ArtWalk Festival Schedule

ArtWalk Festival 2016 The Artwalk Festival is a free family friendly event with so much on offer, and 2016 marks its’ 32nd year running!  The festival is spread across our city, with galleries offering talks and demos in their venues. Guests participating […]

September Opening Reception

Do you know we host monthly events? After finding out as much as we can about each of our new artists, we want to introduce you to them and show you how wonderful they really are. And once we’re all settled after installing the […]

August Artist – Devon Dafoe

Devon Dafoe is a Calgary based artist who follows a strong inclination to create and contribute to the world. Dafoe expresses himself through figurative paintings, using acrylics on canvas as his tools. Drawing inspiration from his love of fashion, his […]

August Artist – Sarah Paterson

Whether she was drawing with pencils, or painting watercolours, Sarah Paterson remembers always being creative and unsurprisingly excelled in art at school.   Initially interested in Fashion, which had been a huge passion in her life, Sarah thought she would […]

August Artist – Jean Clayton

  Art was by far Jean Clayton’s favourite subject at school, and throughout her childhood she recalls wanting to be an artist. In fact, it was inevitable, coming from a creative family where her mother and a cousin were painters, […]

August Opening Receptions

There is not one,  but two Receptions this month! We normally host an Opening Reception for our new artists every 2nd Saturday of each month, and in keeping with tradition we would like to invite you to join us on: […]

August Artist – Alicia Alexandra Hamilton

  Trying to be creative as a child proved to be a difficult feat for Alicia – being told that she had no talent to paint by a school teacher was a huge discouragement, dampening her attempts at pursuing visual […]

July Artist – Cynthia Makara

Cynthia Makara began working with encaustic wax only three years ago, after viewing a demo at a group she belongs to. “I fell in love with the finish, the smell and viscosity of the medium”, she tells us, adding that it […]

July Artist – Jason Novlesky

It was the concerted effort of Jason Novlesky’s grandma who is credited for getting him to make art at a very young age, in an attempt to distract him from watching television. Casually, the enjoyment of making art stuck with Jason, […]

July Artist – Deepa Mittimani

Deepa is a self taught artist.  She says, “I have learned through experimenting, and lots of trials and errors throughout the process. It’s an exciting journey to resolve the problems, create new solutions and feel blessed about the enlightenment.”   […]

June Artist – Eileen Kosasih

During her childhood, the only activity Eileen Kosasih could sit still for, hours on end, was drawing. She started drawing figures at the age of two. Alongside her exploration of expressing herself through drawing, she sewed clothing and experimented with […]