September Artist – Suzie Hiscox

Suzie Hiscox is another of our featured artists this month, exhibiting her latest collection simply named ‘My Alberta’, which spins on the theme of recognized prairie landscapes, and the animals native to these parts of the world. The exhibit which runs from September 14th until October 05th, can be viewed at Motion Gallery, with a special live art demonstration by Suzie herself, during the ArtWalk Festival between 1:00pm – 3:00pm on Saturday, September 16th.


She tells us this collection began after an outdoor painting class through The Leighton Center. The course opened her mind to exaggerated realism, which is a technique of painting using bigger shapes and looser strokes for the background, then working the finer details toward the end. Normally an abstract method of painting needs meaning for her, but now it’s about making up scenery.


She tells us she loves walking in the woods and seeing Albertan landscapes, the rocks, nature, trees, mountains in the background, old farmhouses, fences; “All these Alberta prairie scenes excite me”. Suzie loves travelling, telling us that she finds journeys exciting and stimulating, but painting is her relaxation. Her introverted way of zoning out and finding tranquility while collecting her thoughts is also through painting. She constantly thinks of painting and most days can’t wait to get home to do just that.



Heritage Patchwork Alberta

Road To the Rockies


Chillin On The Prairie

Cows, Crops and Canola

Abandoned In the Foothills

Alberta Gold



Having taken more than 20 different art workshops with a variety of artists from Calgary, California, Mexico and BC, Suzie says she has enjoyed absorbing, and learning new creative techniques from everyone but credits Jane Romanishko, a local artist in Calgary as her mentor and a strongest influence on her art.


“I’ve been working on developing my own artistic voice, and I think I’ve finally got it after five years of experimenting.” All she wants is recognition as an artist, for people to like her work and feel good when they view her paintings. Making her art affordable is also important.


From the time Suzie learned how to hold a pencil, she remembers drawing sketches of horses. She loved horses so much that at the age of 21, she ended up buying one of her own, and her interest in writing stories about horses propelled her to take a Creative Writing course at the University of Calgary.



Suzie always knew she wanted to be an artist. Her Mom, a designer, and her Dad a brilliant mechanic and inventor had a great talent of making thing that looked store bought, both her parents hammered the fact that there is no money in the arts into her head, advising her to think with her head, and not make money with her hands. Consequently, for 44 years, Suzie worked as a hairstylist which is a job that kept her creative as well as earning a decent living.


Since retirement her painting career has taken her on exciting new ventures, participating in art shows, experimenting with painting styles and mediums like watercolour, acrylic ink, alcohol ink, clay sculptures, pastels and graphite pencil. It is only recently that Suzie has began working in oils, mostly on smaller scale paintings, and has become a medium she thoroughly enjoys. She only wishes oil paints would dry faster so she could continue painting.


You can see more of Suzie’s art on her website , Instagram @suzie.hiscox, FosterMAK, Art in Canada. You can also find her works displayed at Javino coffee bar in Discovery Ridge, ‘My Favourite Store’ in Bragg Creek, and of course at Motion Gallery.





Written by Sandra Montgomery

Edited by Renee Laferriere