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We do not accept unsolicited artworks by artists who have not submitted their work. In order to qualify to show art at Motion Gallery, artists need to fill in our online submission form to get on our wait list.


The Submission Form Here


Once we receive a submission form, artists receive an auto-reply email confirming the submission was received, and go onto the wait list to await further instruction.

Be aware that new artists could be waiting over a year until we can accommodate them with a space. Our wait list is in the order of first come, first serve.

What New Artists Can Expect


  • A buy-in fee of $100 is required for first time artists to display artworks. This is NOT refundable.


  • In addition, Artists are required to pay an initial $50 deposit, on top of their $100 buy-in fee to confirm their standing on the waitlist as an Active Artist, but only when requested by a gallery administrator (no longer than a month before their show). This $50 deposit will be refunded if an artist cooperates with the gallery in providing information and bringing art on time, having appropriate hanging hardware and attending their Opening Reception (see below).


  • New Artists can choose to have a solo Opening Reception one evening during the month of their one month show, or otherwise chose to attend a group reception with the other new artists on the second Saturday of each month (as long as the other artists also chose a group reception). Artists are required to attend their Opening Reception to receive their $50 deposit.


  • Artists are required to pay an initial $50 deposit, on top of their $100 buy-in fee to confirm their standing on the waitlist as an Active Artist, but only when requested by a gallery administrator (normally two months before their show).


  • 20% commission is taken off of sales from artworks sold by Motion Gallery at the end of each month, and payments to artists are made within the first week of the next month.


  • Each artist is given an approximate 7ft x 7ft wall space to display artworks. For jewellery, artists are given 3 to 4  shelves in our glass cabinets. There is no criteria for sculptures or installations so it is best to discuss this with us to work something out.


  • A 400 to 800 word article will be written about each new artist in order for us to learn more about each artists, and their art. This article is featured on our website and used to promote an artists art show for the duration of the months exhibition.


  • Seasonal flyers are printed (every three months) to advertise Opening Receptions, Group or Solo shows, including artists inclusion.


  • A 2018 Gallery Book is in the planning which will include short articles and photoshoots of all artists featured at Motion Gallery in the last 3 years. This book is an ongoing project.


  • No preference is given to any particular artists, depending on their experience or reputation, nor is the style of artwork or subject matter a concern. However, all artworks that are intended to be exhibited will be juried by a panel of judges so it is vitally important that artworks are professionally finished and ready to hang before they are accepted by Motion Gallery.


  • Motion Gallery Artists automatically become a members to our society. This basically means our artists have a say, and voting rights at our Annual General Meetings which are held in June.


Up until now artists on the wait list have had to wait as long time to get a spot to display their work. Our wait list depends entirely on whether a permanent artist leaves. Because of the long wait we offering two types of showings – a Short Term Show, which is just a one month show, and a Long Term (a permanent spot). See below for more details on each term.

Find Out More About Our Terms Here


Commission Free Show Room


Soon new artists from our waitlist and old artists will have the opportunity to take advantage of commission free sales in our new location. This will be a ‘bare minimal’ room where anything is welcome, and artist can choose to display as many pieces as they like as long as we have space.


  • Any artist on our waitlist, or currently exhibiting with us can hang up one piece of art, jury free, for only $50 per piece, per month.


  • No commission will be taken from the sale of this artwork and the full amount of the sale will be sent to the artist within the first week of the new month.


  • Artists are required to provide their own artist statement and price tags for these pieces.